Time for Change!

In the coming weeks my documentary is going to be featured in a ‘Time for Change’ radio programme about mental health. The campaign is raising awareness for talking about mental health.




“We all experience stress and the impact of mental health issues in one way or another. Let’s really start a conversation. ” – Time for Change

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Sad News! Interviews Cut from Documentary

Executive decisions took place today. Kate Jarvis’ & Lauren Francis’ interviews sadly had to be cut from the final documentary. Despite this, snippets of their interviews will feature on the ‘INTERVIEWS’ tab in this blog. You can hear Lauren’s plight with bullies during her school life, who teased her for having Pica, and about Kate Jarvis’s child who suffers with Pica and Autism.




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Post Production – A Reflection

So! The end is not near it’s nearly near! Post production has certainly been challenging but endlessly rewarding.

I can’t believe that this project has taken over such a large portion of my life for the last few months when, back in October, it wasn’t even certain which direction I was going to take. ‘My Earth Craving’ was once merely a brain storm!




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Dr. Tracey Covell – The Interview

Dr. Tracey Covell works in A&E in Chichester, West Sussex. She has been a GP for 25 years and has experienced a wide range of patients with differing levels of iron deficiencies. She tells us that the lowest forms of iron deficiencies can be treated by:

“Iron will make your stools black and you need to tell patients that, oral iron tablets will also make you constipated.” – Dr. Tracey Covell


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